About the Museum of Theatre

The theatrical museum of the Kazakh National Opera and Ballet Theatre after Abay has been open in March, 2016. His creation - result of effective cooperation of the management and the staff of theater of private fund of Dosym Satpayev and the patron Margulan Seysembayev.


Each theatre has the history and the relics which are hidden from the viewer's eyes. KNOBT after Abay - one of the oldest theaters of Kazakhstan, on his stage made history of cultural life of all country within many decades. You will find her small pieces in several unique expositions of this museum.

First, it is rare archival photos - the documents connected with activity of founders of theater with life and work of people who sacredly believed that art will change the world.

Secondly, you will find theatrical suits in which, the famous actors of the opera and ballet of KNOBT after Abay once acted in the museum. Names of many of them are also entered in brilliant history of theater.

Thirdly, an important part of the museum is "the hall of sketches and posters" where you will see rare playbills of the well-known statements of theater from 30th years of the last century, and also sketches of theatrical suits and scenery. They were created by the famous artists working in KNOBT after Abay in different years of his activity.

We hope that our museum will a little slightly open for you a veil of a theatrical secret, and having appeared behind the scenes, you will see how there was a history of theatre in which actors became legends, and theatrical performances - cultural property of Kazakhstan