Kopbassarova Ainur Sailaubayevna

Kopbassarova Ainur Sailaubayevna




•  1990-1995 Zhambyl Pedagogical University, Bachelor’s degree in Philology

•  1995-1996 Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, Master’s degree in Philology

•  1996-1999 Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, PhD in Philology


Academic degree:

•  Candidate of Philological Sciences



•  1999 “Figurativeness of Abay’s lyrical poems and its artistic nature in Russian translation”

•  2016 “The aesthetic’s perception of Abay’s poems”. Abaytanu: selected works

•  2021 “Innovative Strategies of the Turkestan Musical Drama Theater” 



• 1999 Department lecturer, Civil Aviation Academy

• 2000 Lecturer, Literary Translation and Creative Writing Theory Department, Al-Farabi Kazakh National University

• 2000-2010 Editor-in-Chief, producer, author of numerous projects, Khabar TV channel

• 2010-2021 Executive Producer, “Idea Fabric” LLP 2021-2022 Head and art director of “Turkestan Musical Drama Theater” State-Owned Enterprise

• 2022-present Art director of “Turkestan Musical Drama Theater” State-Owned Enterprise 


Additional information on work experience:

• Member of «Bolashak Charity» Supervisory board

• The intellectual property owner of Opening and Closing Ceremonies screenplay for the 28th World Winter Universiade-2017, “Star of Asia. Almaty” international music festival (2017-2019).

• Executive producer, author of the idea and co-director of the play “Fariza” 2019. Moscow “Sovremennik” theatre

• Art director of following plays: “Borte”, “The tower of love”, “The legend of Qorqyt”.


• Order of “Qurmet” (Honour)

• the jubilee medal “30 Years of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan”

• the badge “Excellence in Cultural field”

• Appreciation letter of the president of RK


Film «Я люблю тебя»

TV show «Армандастар»