PREVIEW at 12:00
Dear journalists!
The Kazakh state academic opera and ballet theatre named after Abay
invites you to a press conference and a preview of the premier ballet of L. Delibes "Coppelia"
Participants of a press conference:
Conductor Akhmedyarov E. K.
Head of ballet troupe Tutkibayeva G. U., honored actress of RK
Artist Okunev V. A., national artist of Russia
On May 20, 2017 the Kazakh State Academic opera and ballet theatre named after Abay, for the first time for the long-term history, will present to the Prime minister of the comic ballet of the French composer L. Delibes of "Coppelia" directed by the honored actress of RK Gulzhan Tutkibayeva. Conductor - Erbolat Akhmedyarov. Scenography and suits – Vyacheslav Okunev, the national artist of Russia, the winner of the State awards RK and Russian Federation.
"Such grace, such a wealth of melodies and rhythms, such an excellent instrumentation has never been in the ballet."
Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky wrote about the work of Leo Delibes.
Among the French composers of the 19th century, Delibes' work is distinguished by a special purity of style: his music is laconic and colorful, melodic and rhythmically flexible, witty and sincere. The composer's element was a musical theater, and his name became synonymous with innovative tendencies in ballet music of the XIX century.
The ballet "Coppelia" has brought to Delibes the European popularity and became a landmark in his work. In this work the composer showed a deep understanding of ballet art.
In the Coppelia, according to the plot, not only French melodics and rhythmics were used, but also Polish (mazurka, cracovie), and Hungarian (Czardas, Svanilda’s ballad), they are more noticeable connection with the genre and everyday elements of the comic opera. Laconism and dynamics of expression, plasticity and color, flexibility and clarity of the dance pattern - these are the best properties of Delibes music. He is a great master in the construction of dance suites, individual issues of which are connected with instrumental "recitatives" - pantomime scenes. Dramatic nature, lyrical content of dance are combined with genre and picturesqueness, saturating the score with active symphonic development. The ballet narrates about how the young man falls in love with a doll which gives him magnificent love. About the sufferings and jealousy of the bride thrown by him, about the mysterious experiment of the great professor of alchemy doctor Coppelius manipulating human souls... as a result – the solution of mystical events leads to important moral conclusions – the world of people is filled with cruelty and the thirst for power,and only true love can save humanity ...
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