P.Maskagni "Cavalleria rusticana"

P.Maskagni "Cavalleria rusticana"

Sometimes we think about through what piece of music, or rather through what specific opera, we can begin to get involved in the art of opera?We believe that Pietro Mascagni's opus, "Cavalleria rusticana", might be the ideal option.


And there are several very good reasons for this:

1. First: this opera is relatively short, it is not for nothing that it is included in the list of one-act operas of the world classical musical heritage. For a listener who has not yet met the world of operatic art, it will not be tiresome (and this is the next item on our list), and opera lovers will understand its originality and significance even without our reminding.


2. Second: action. The opera really develops an action-packed story of passion and jealousy, love, devotion and betrayal.p.s. We do not know if this is connected with the plot of the opera, or the director of the film "The Godfather 3" Francis Ford Coppola simply liked this work, but the son of Michael Corleone, Anthony, Francis Coppola made an artist in the opera "Cavalleria rusticana".


3. Fact three: melody. The whole opera is permeated with magnificent, memorable instrumental fragments and lyrical, and sometimes very passionate, arias.Definitely, much more items can be added to the list, but stopping at three, we suggest checking them empirically this Thursday, October 22, at 18.30.


P.Maskagni "Cavalleria rusticana"

October 22, 18.30

Characters and performers:

Santuzza - Gulzat Daurbaeva, Honored Figure of the RK

Turiddu - Khalid NuralievAlfio - Evgeny Shagarov

Lola - Oksana DavydenkoLucia - Lyazzat Brimgazina


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