CINDERELLA (Cenerentola), Don Magnifico's stepdaughter

DON Ramiro, Prince

Dandini, his valet

ALIDORO, philosopher in the service of the Prince


His daughters: CLORINDA and TISBE


Two centuries ago, on Christmas Day, at the request of the Roman theater Valle, in just twenty-four days, one of G. Rossini's best operas Cinderella, the full name Cinderella, or the Celebration of Virtue, was written. Her premiere took place in Rome on January 25, 1817, after which "Cinderella" became one of the most performed operas of the great composer.Famous fairy story of S. Perrault about a poor girl who met the prince, Gioachino Rossini and librettist Jacopo Ferretti turned into a comic opera, adding it with new characters, unexpected twists of the plot, sparkling humor and surprises. From the first sounds the opera captivates with its extraordinary beauty, wit and merriment, and of course, magic. In it, Rossini jokes over human weaknesses, submerging characters of the opera in various comic situations.200 years "Cinderella" adorns the repertoire of the best opera theaters of the world. And in the year of its bicentennial, Rossini's masterpiece was first presented in Kazakhstan on the stage of the Abay opera and ballet theatre!