A. Zhubanov, L. Khamidi
Opera in 2 acts
Libretto by M. Auezov

Abay: akyn, enlightener

Azhar: Aydar's love

Aidar: akyn, a student of Abay

Girenshe: bi

Azim: Abay's relative and student

Karlygash: relative of Abay

Kokbay: poet, a young friend of Abay

Syrtan: aksakal (venerable old man)

Narymbet: relative of Zhirenshe

Mes: dzhigit from the retinue of Narymbet


Dzhigits, old people, women, people


Symphony Orchestra, Choir and Ballet of the Abay Kazakh State Academic Opera and Ballet Theater




Production team:

Production-conductor - ALAN BURIBAEV, Honored Figure of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Production-director - ANDREA CHIGNI (Italy)

Scenographer - BENITO LEONORI (Italy)

Costume Designer - SIMONA MORRESI (Italy)

Lighting Designer - FIAMMETA BALDISSERI (Italy)

Choreographer - GIORGIO MANCINI (Italy)

Video Graphics - MARIO SPINACHI (Italy)


   The "Abay" opera, created by the creative union of composers Akhmet Zhubanov and Latif Hamidi, as well as the writer and author of the libretto, Mukhtar Auezov, annually opens the theater seasons of the Abay KSATOB.

The starting point in the creation of the opera was the music of Akhmet Zhubanov for the dramatic performance of the same name by Mukhtar Auezov. Back in 1940, Akhmet Kuanovich asked the author of the play to write a libretto for the opera, taking as its basis the same plot as in the expanded dramatic play, but making the text more concentrated and short.


   The opera “Abay” is the story of the romantic and impossible love of two young people - Aydar and Azhar, the eternal struggle of conservatism and reformism, in the prism of which the light and dark sides of people are refracted. Against obsolete laws in the opera, Abai and his disciple Aydar advocate. The beautiful music of the two composers allows you to completely immerse yourself in the different emotions and feelings of the characters - love, anxiety, joy, the bitterness of loss and motives of hope.


   The premiere of the opera “Abay” took place in 1944 on the stage of the Kazakh Academic Opera and Ballet Theater. The first director of the performance was Kurmanbek Zhandarbekov, the scenery of the artist was Kulakhmet Khodzhikov, and the conductor was Leonid Shargorodsky.


   In 1958, the director of the theater Baigali Dosymzhanov carried out a new edition of the opera. And for many years, the opera retained this historical setting. However, in 2014 GATOB them. Abay presented to the public a new version of the opera staged by Italian directors, choreographers and artists.


   The opera “Abay” is one of the best achievements of the opera art of Kazakhstan. Names of the first performers of the main parts are inscribed in golden letters in the musical history of our country: Rishat Abdullin and Kanabek Baiseitov (in the role of Abay), later this image was embodied by Ermek Serkebaev and Gafiz Yesimov, Kulyash Baiseitova, Shabal Beisekova and Roza Zhamanova were inimitable in the party Azhar, Anuar, Anuarbek Umbetbaev, Baigali Dosymzhanov, Nariman Karazhigitov and Alibek Dnishev more than once embodied the image of Aidar in love on stage.