18/05 - 19:00

Duration: 1 30min

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18 | 05 | 2022

7 p.m.


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To the 125th anniversary of MUKHTAR AUEZOV

and 80th anniversary of the novel "The Way of Abay"


 (mono-opera in 3 parts)

part 1 "ABAY"


Opera for one soloist - performed by the Honored Artist of the Republic of Kazakhstan, laureate of the State Prize, holder of the Order "Kurmet", professor - Shakhimardan Abilov.

“Everything that Abay once did has become a real classic today. Romances, mono-operas - all this was once started by the great poet-educator.

- Shakhimardan Abilov

Mono-opera consists of several parts. It will feature poems by Abay, as well as romances written by Kazakh composers. Among them are 7 romances by Erkegali Rakhmadiyev in 1986 and 4 romances by Tolegen Mukhamedzhanov in 1987.

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Characters and Actors:

Shakhimardan Abilov

opera singer, teacher. Honored Artist of Kazakhstan (1994). Laureates of the State Prize of the Republic of Kazakhstan (2006).


*The theater has the right to make changes to the composition and the cast