H. Loewenshold «LA SYLPHIDE»

28/10 - 19:00

*when you will visit the theater, it is necessary to observe the mask regime and social distance


*kindly ask you to take seats in the auditorium according to the purchased tickets


Dear viewers!

Abay KNATOB is a member of the pilot project "Ashyq" on the safe of main activities,

within the framework of which special rules for visiting the theater have been developed, which visitors have to know with before visiting the performances.


28 | 10 | 2021

7 p.m.


Herman Loewenshold

libretto by Adolphe Nurri and Filippo Taglioni

choreography by August Bournonville

edited by Elsa-Marianne von Rosen



romantic ballet in 2 acts

The performance has one intermission

Duration: 1 hour 20 minutes

Age category: 5+

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Characters and Actors:

Sylphide, the spirit of the air - Ayman Yegisbaeva | first performance

James - Azamat Askarov

Medzh, the witch - Nurlan Baybusinov

Gern, a peasant - Ruslan Kadyrov

Effie, James' fiancée - Riza Taganova | first performance

Nancy, Effie's girlfriend - Gulbarshin Kasabolat | first performance


Sylphs, Scottish peasants, old people, children, witches - ballet dancers


Symphony Orchestra of the Abay Kazakh National Opera and Ballet Theater


Conductor - Nurzhan Baybusinov


*The theater has the right to make changes in the cast


Production team:

Choreographer - Ksenia Ter-Stepanova, Honored Artist of Russia

Artistic director of the ballet troupe - Gulzhan Tutkibaeva, People's Artist of the Republic of Kazakhstan