P. I. Tchaikovsky "SWAN LAKE"

18/09 - 18:00

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18 | 09 | 2021

6 p.m.


Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky

Choreography by Marius Petipa and Lev Ivanov

Libretto by Vladimir Petrovich Begichev and Vasily Fedorovich Geltser

an updated production of the Abay State Academic Opera and Ballet Theater in the edition - People's Artist of the Republic of Kazakhstan - Gulzhan Tutkibaeva



Ballet in 2 acts

The performance has one intermission.

Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes

Age category: 7+



"Life has only charm when it consists of alternating joys and sorrows,

from the struggle between good and evil, from light and shadow, in a word - from diversity in unity "

Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky



"Swan Lake" - the first ballet by P.I. Tchaikovsky, which premiered in March 1877 at the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow. The plot of the ballet is based on folklore motives, the creation is based on an old German legend about the beautiful princess Odette, turned into a swan by the curse of the evil sorcerer, the knight Rothbart.


In Swan Lake, Tchaikovsky carried out a radical reform of the ballet performance, which consisted, first of all, in changing the role of music. For Tchaikovsky, music became the main component defining the entire performance. Instead of scattered dance numbers, the composer created a poetic and holistic work, subordinate to the main idea of ​​the lyrical plot.


The simple and unassuming tale of the 18th century German writer IK A. Museus "The Pond of Swans" about a swan girl, which was the basis for "Swan Lake", was transformed by him into an exciting lyric poem of faithful love triumphant over evil and treachery. The ballet shows two worlds - the real and the fantastic, between which, however, there is no impassable border.

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Characters and Actors:

Odette, the swan queen | Odile, Odette's double - Malika Yelchibaev

Prince Siegfried - Nelson Peña

Rothbart, the evil genius - Azamat Askarov

Jester - Kaskyrbai Yeskaly

Neapolitan bride - Arisa Hashimoto

Hungarian bride - Riza Taganova

Polish bride - Ayman Yegisbaev

Russian bride - Aruzhan Baratova

Pas de trois - Ayman Yegisbaeva, Bogdan Verbovoy, Arisa Hashimoto


Friends of the prince, courtiers, ladies and the entourage of the princess, lackeys, villagers, villagers, servants, swans and swans


Conductor - Nurzhan Baibussinov

Symphony Orchestra and Ballet of the Abay Kazakh National Opera and Ballet Theater


The theater has the right to make changes in the cast of the performers


Production team:

Choreographer - Gulzhan Tutkibaeva, People's Artist of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Musical director - Askar Buribayev, Honored Figure of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Set and Costume Designer - Vyacheslav Okunev, People's Artist of the Russian Federation, laureate of state awards of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Kazakhstan

Lighting designer - Yulia Karakaeva