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December 16, 2021


Johann Strauss II

"The Bat"

operetta in 3 acts

libretto by Karl Haffner and Richard Jeunet

based on the farce by Julius Roderich Benedix "Imprisonment" and vaudeville by Henri Meilhac and Ludovic Halévy "New Year's Eve"


There is a story in the musical world that once upon a meeting Jacques Offenbach shared with Johann Strauss approximately the following thought: “Isn't it time for you, dear Strauss, to stop writing waltzes and compose an operetta ?!” As you know, Strauss did not stop writing waltzes, but operettas became one more “visiting card” of the composer. Of the sixteen operettas written by Strauss, the best, undoubtedly, can be called "The Bat". This operetta was first performed in Vienna in 1874. And since then there has not been, perhaps, a single theatrical season without this work being shown in some musical theater. It contains all the splendor and festivity of the operetta genre: the brilliant music of I. Strauss, the subtle humor of N. Erdman and M. Volpin, a bright, graceful acting task. The plot of the operetta is relevant at any time, because it describes the eternal problems of family life, marital relations, love and jealousy, joy and disappointment. The very piquant situation in which the main characters of the work find themselves opens up an incredible palette of emotions for the viewer. The joker and rake Heinrich von Eisenstein will fall in love with, you will not believe, his own wife, presented in the form of a beautiful stranger, and the charming Rosalind, the wife of Heinrich, should comprehend new facets of female wisdom and charm in order to revive old feelings and preserve the family hearth. In addition to these heroes, the operetta is filled with incredibly charming and memorable characters - the servant Adele, the enamored singing teacher Alfred, the noble prince Orlovsky and the inventor Falk. The operetta “The King of Waltz” Johann Strauss “The Bat” has spread around the stages of all theaters in the world. Beautiful, sparkling with fun music, witty text and a plot consisting of a series of funny situations contain, to the delight of supporters of fidelity in marriage, morality indispensable in the genre of operetta.

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Characters and Actors:

Heinrich Eisenstein - Khalid Nuraliev

Rosalind, his wife - Jamilya Baspakova, Honored Figure of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Adele, Servant of the Eisenstein - Nadia Nadenova

Falk, theater director - Andrey Tregubenko, Honored Figure of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Alfred, admirer of Rosalind - Takhaui Rakhmetov

Prince Orlovsky - Tolegen Rakhymbaev 

Prison officer - Kairat Omirbekov

Assistant of prison officer - Serik Aukatov

Frank, director of the prison - Bolat Zhomartov, Honored Figure of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Dr. Blind, lawyer - Arthur Gabdiev

Forester - Bolat Kanagatov

Unknown - Rassul Zharmagambetov

Ladies, gentlemen and servants



*The theater reserves the right to make changes in  the cast


Conductor - Renat Salavatov, People's Artist of Tatarstan and Kazakhstan


Symphony orchestra, chorus and ballet of the Abay Kazakh National Academic Opera and Ballet Theater

Operetta is performed in Russian


Production team:

Stage Director - Alexander Malyavsky

Choirmaster - Aliya Temirbekova