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G. Bizet



оpera in 2 acts

Libretto by Eugene Cormon and Michel Carré

Duration: 2 hours 15 minutes

Age limit: 10+


Production Team:

Stage Conductor – YERBOLAT AKHMEDYAROV, honored figure of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Stage Director – PAOLO BOSISIO (Italy)

Production Designer – HELLA MOMBRINI (Italy)

Costume Designer – ANITA LAMANNA (Italy)

Chief Chorus Master – ALIYA TEMIRBEKOVA

Choreographer – AINUR ABILGAZINA

Artistic director of the Ballet Company – GULZHAN TUTKIBABAYEVA, people's artist of the Republic of Kazakhstan


I action

Pearl fishermen are gathered on the shores of Ceylon (now Sri-Lanka) to choose their leader. They choose Zurga – the most experienced and respected fisherman. Nadir, Zurga’s former friend, suddenly appears. They both fell in love with an astounding beauty, Leila, who has nearly severed their friendship. In order to save it, Nadir had left on a journey, and has now returned. The enmity is forgotten and nothing threatens their friendship now.


A boat approaches on the sea, carrying a veiled girl. Only the prayers of a priestess consecrated to virginity can appease the evil spirits of the sea and ensure the luck of the fishermen. The boat daws up on the beach. The fishermen greet their protector to be. She has taken a vow of abdication of love, Zurga reminds her. As the girl swears the oath, she sees Nadir, who recognizes her as his beloved Leila.


Night-time. The high priest Nourabad leads Leila to the temple. Nourabad asks Leila, if she can keep her vow of obedience. The girl responds by telling him the story of how she hid a fugitive, and he repaid her with a necklace – here it is. Left alone, Leila ponders her unexpected encounter with Nadir. She is overtaken by the memories of their love. She is frightened when Nadir appears before her: what will happen if they are seen together? Leila begs him to leave; he agrees, only to come back the next day. But the priests are watchful. The perpetrator is caught! Death to the perjurers! Zurga calms them: he is their chief and he will decide their fate. As Nourabad tears off the girl’s veil, Zurga recognizes Leila, the girl who has divided him and Nadir. Blinded by jealousy and thirst for revenge he changes his decision: they are both to be put to death!


II action

Zurga is alone in his tent. He is in agony: how could he, blinded by rage, condemn his friend and his beloved to death? The fishermen bring in Leila, who wants to talk to the chief. She has broken her vow and she is ready to receive her punishment, but Nadir is innocent, and Leila begs fervently for his salvation. Leila’s mediation reawakens Zurga’s jealousy. Offended and eager for revenge, he demands their execution once again. Leila asks a young fisherman for a favour – to take her pearl necklace to her mother. The astonished Zurga recognizes it – the necklace he had once given to a girl who had saved him. He owes his life to the girl he has condemned to death!


The fishermen are performing the sacred dance of vengeance around a blazing fire. Leila and Nadir are preparing to enter the deadly circle. Suddenly, the horizon lights with the glow of a fire. Zurga brings the news that the furious gods have sent fire on their huts and crops. Forgetting the condemned, the fishermen run off.


Zurga confesses that he has set the village on fire and frees the prisoners to help them escape. Leila and Nadir flee. Zurga takes his own life.

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Characters and Actors:

Leila, priestess of Brahma ……………………………… ANZHELA SHAGAROVA

Nadir, hunter ……………………………………………....ARTUR GABDIYEV,  soloist ASTANA OPERA

Zurga, fisherman ………….……………………...……....TOLEGEN RAKHYMBAYEV (first performance)

Nurabad, High Priest of Brahma …………..……………SERIK AUKATOV


Symphony Orchestra and Chorus Company

of the Kazakh National Opera and Ballet Theatre after Abay




* The current cast of performers is available on the official website of the theatre

* The theatre reserves the right to make changes to the cast of performers

* We kindly ask you to take seats in the auditorium according to the purchased tickets