Abay KNATOB is a participant in a pilot project «Ashyq» for the safe conduct of core activities.


Dear guests!

The Abay Kazakh National Opera and Ballet Theater returns to work.


The theater performances will, as before, be held in the big hall and the ARTE gallery, with the obligatory observance of all sanitary standards and the required seating distance.


In order to minimize the risks of the spread of coronavirus infection, the Ministry of Digital Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan have developed a mobile application «Ashyq» for registering visitors in public institutions.





How will the «Ashyq» app work for theater audiences?


  1. For viewers who have the «Ashyq» application installed.

- Before checking theater tickets, you need to scan the QR code of the organization through the application

- show your QR verification status to the relevant employee of the organization


  1. For viewers who don’t have the «Ashyq» application installed

- Install the Ashyq application on your device and log in by phone number

- Enter the received SMS message in the verification line

- Scan the QR code of the organization through the app

- Enter your IIN in the verification line

- Receive information about your status and show it to the appropriate employee of the organization


  1. For viewers who cannot use the application on their own gadget

- At the entrance to the theater, contact the appropriate employee to check your status * (for this you need to know your IIN).



4. Parents who plan to visit the theater with children over 5 years old also need to know the child's IIN

5. Foreign citizens to visit the theater will need to provide the passport number to the relevant employee.

 For convenience, we suggest you make sure in advance that your status is valid by checking it through a single "zero" QR























The use of the "Ashyq" application will also be mandatory when visiting the box office to purchase theater tickets.

 Guests with "green" and "blue" status can attend performances without restrictions.


If the system has shown a "red" or "yellow" status, for the safety of other visitors, the admission of a viewer with this status to the theater will be prohibited. Theater staff on site will assist with the ticket refund process.



* The code determines the status of the visitor.

The status of visitors is assigned based on a reconciliation with the information systems of the Unified Integration Portal for PCR Research and the Covid-19 Control Center of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

"Green" status - the visitor is indicated in the database as having passed PCR testing with a negative result of Covid-19;

"Blue" status - no PCR test results, not listed as a contact;

"Yellow" status - indicated in the database as a contact;

"Red" status - registered in the database with a positive result for Covid-19.


We will be happy to help and answer your questions regarding the operation of the "Ashyq" system.

- by WhatsApp number - +7 776 830 7808

- by means of e-mails to e-mail - theatreabay@gatob.kz


Thank you in advance for your attention, and we hope for patience and understanding from our guests.