Dear friends!


We are happy to share with you information that has already helped to many of our viewers not to miss a single event from the theater performances, allowed them (and can be useful in the future for you), always be on the course of the relevant news.


Therefore, our theater program of events published on several platforms at the same time.


- First, and the most official - this is our site - Immediately, on the main page, you can get acquainted with previous events. Or go to the Repertoire section → SCHEDULE.


- Next, social networks. Without them, our life is almost impossible now.


Facebook - 

Here our events are available as a fixed publication at the top of the page, as well as at active events, where all the necessary information for viewers is indicated.


Instagram - @abay.kaz.ntob.

therefore, the issue of full schedule per month, as well as separate publications in the tape, posters are fastened in the current publications.


VKontakte - 

There is another social platform where you can subscribe to the page of the theater, and be in the course of recent events.


Twitter - ABAY.KazNTOB

Information on this platform is published in English for the benefit of a foreign public.


- And now a separate piece of information about it, how to get from us information leaflets, and be in the course of theatrical events.

Already in the second year we have successfully functionally viewed maps, part of which can become any wish


Mail to WhatsApp - 

To get this version of the message, write to us enough on WhatsApp - +7 776 830 7808, and we will gladly add you to the message.


Mail to e-mail

To receive e-mails, you can also write to us on the official e-mail and we will include you in the e-mail.


See you in the future, in love, the team of Abay KazNTOB