concert of vocal music

25/11 - 19:00

Duration: 1 30min

* when you will visit the theater, it is necessary to put on the mask and don't forget about social distance

* there is a free seating for the concert



in a programme:

Antonio Chesti. Aria "Intorno all 'idol mio" from the opera "Orontea"

Georg Friedrich Handel. Caesar's aria from the opera "Julius Caesar"

Johann Sebastian Bach. Aria from "Magnificat"

Georg Friedrich Handel. Duet "Caro autor di mia doglia"

Antonio Caldara. Aria "Come raggio di sol" ("As the sun is a clear ray") from the opera "Constancy in love conquers deception"

Antonio Vivaldi. Tamerlane's aria "Dov'è mia figlia" from the opera "Bayazet"

M. Cotogni, "Ave, Maria"

G.F. Handel. Aria of Cleopatra from the opera "Julius Caesar"

Giulio Caccini. "Ave, Maria" - performed

Luigi Cherubini. "Ave, Maria" - performed

Johann Sebastian Bach. Aria from Cantata No. 80

Claudio Monteverdi. Duet of Nero and Poppaea "Pur ti Miro" from the opera "The Coronation of Poppea" - performed

Antonio Vivaldi. Aria of Constanta "Agitata da due venti" from the opera "Griselda"

Antonio Vivaldi. Aria Irene from the opera "Bayazet"

Christoph Willibald Gluck. Paris' aria from the opera "Paris and Elena"

Alessandro Stradella. Aria "Pieta, Signore"

Francesco Geminiani. Sonata e-moll



* The theater reserves the right to make changes to the program and the cast

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Characters and Actors:


Anna Saduakhasova, Natalya Mezina, Elena Nikonova, Angela Shagarova, Oleg Tatamirov, Dulat Tokanov, Farhat Kubiev, Damir Saduakhasov


Ayman Sagimbaeva / oboe


Concertmaster - Marina Omirbekova

Compere - Anastasia Borovikova


* The theater reserves the right to make changes to the program and the cast