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"Kazakh State Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet named after Abay"  
About theater
___By decision of the Board  of the People's Commissariat of Education of the Kazakh SSR of 29 September 1933 in Alma-Ata was created a music studio, which consisted of fifty actors, twenty musicians of  symphony and twelve musicians of national orchestras.
___13 January 1934 the first public performance of the musical comedy "Aiman-Sholpan" posed by the forces of the music studio by play of M. Auezov , which marked, in accordance with the decision of the People's Commissariat, the  birth of the first "... the Kazakh Musical Theatre of Opera and Ballet."
___The building of the theater designed by the Moscow architect N.A.Kruglov, whose work was recognized as the best in the announcement on the occasion of the 1933 on All-Union competitio, began in 1936 and was completed in 1941 by architects  N.A.Prostakov and T.K. Basenov.
___7 November 1941  theater opened in its own building. In the same year it`s received the status of an Academic theater  and in 1945 it was named after Abay. From June 1995 to December 13, 2000 in the theater was carried a general reconstruction ,  keeping the basic architectural style - Empire, combined with the Italian classicism and the traditional elements of national form in architecture of Kazakhstan. Overall, the decor and the main artistic and stylistic solutions facilities has been saved , added modern materials, and in stucco molding of the foyer of 2nd floor  and in  the auditorium was included elements of the ornament adorning costume of "Golden Man". The richness and diversity a traditions of the Kazakh folk art  and has found application in the finishing of  other interiors of the theater.
___The building of the Kazakh State Academic Theatre named after Abai, of the containing 793 seats, is today one of the most famous attractions of the city of Almaty.
___A modern Abay Opera House - one of the largest theaters in the Eurasian space, in the creative structure, along with a famous masters of the scene to hone their art and young talents.
Almaty, 050000. Kabanbay Batyr str. 110
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